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Blues from the soul

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Blues from the soul June 21, 2011 The Deccan Chronicle hey say everyone in Shillong can play the guitar and at least carry a tune. But the most successful band to come out of the north eastern READ MORE

The Beat Root Blues Band

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Blues from Goa, India! The Beat Root Boys belt out the Blues! Goa Chitra member's demanded and got back the Beat Root Blues Band for an encore concert on the 15th of January. In a new avataar this ti READ MORE

The Whole World Gets the Blues

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The Whole World Gets the Blues October 14, 2010 Katrin Figge JakartaGlobe Legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards once said, “If you don’t know the blues, there’s no point in READ MORE

GHS grad takes music to Saudi Arabia

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GHS grad takes music to Saudi Arabia May 13, 2010 By ELYSE RUSSO The Register-Mail Galesburg.com GALESBURG — Even though David Berntson has taken his musical talents to the Middle East and READ MORE

Out of Africa: Hazanut and the Blues

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Out of Africa: Hazanut and the Blues December 23, 2009 By Jeremiah Lockwood The Jewish Daily Forward listen to music as an act of perceiving history. I am listening to hear the voices of ghos READ MORE

The queen of blues

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The queen of blues December 21, 2009 Allan Moses R. The Hindu Often described as a forerunner in promoting blues across the world, British born international blues legend Dana Gillespie perfor READ MORE

The Blues Bell

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The Blues Bell February 23, 2010 by Steve Walden bribanetimes.com.au AUSTRALIA'S jazz awards are called The Bells after him — an honour you might regard as entirely appropriate, given his l READ MORE

True Blues

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True Blues July 2, 2009 By Ipshita Kumar mydigitalfc.com When Eiffel 65 sang “Blue are the words I say and what I think / blue are the feelings that live inside me”, they probably did not READ MORE

Blues in China

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Blues in China The goal of the project is to introduce blues to the people of The Peoples Republic of China. BIC is working in collaboration with Chinese entities, and is the only direct portal READ MORE

Live From the Netherlands:Mocambo Blues

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Live From the Netherlands:Mocambo Blues January 31, 2008 Bobtje Blues Who has never heard of Stevie Ray Vaughan? What a silly question. SRV is considered to be one of the most talented blues g READ MORE
The blues is American music in origin, but blues music is played and love all around the world. Blues men and Blues women are singing and playing in many languages. Read about the blues scene around the world here.
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