What are you doing for the blues? Actions you can take now!

What are you doing for the blues? Actions you can take now!
January 25, 2010
Rhetta Akamatsu

Regular readers of this column know that often, I urge Atlanta blues fans to take action to support blues causes. I believe that being a blues fan should be a two-way street: you listen to and enjoy the music and come out when you can to support your local artists (and I admit I don't get to do this as much as I would like.) But sometimes, the opportunity to do a little more comes along. And today, I am listing a few ways you can really do something concrete to help the blues community at large.
First and foremost, time is running out to vote for the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bi-Polar Research to win a $50,000 grant from Pepsi Refresh for its Mojo Project, designed to aid travelling musicians with Bi-Polar Disorder. Read all about the project and vote by clicking this link. After the end of January, time is up. The project is at #56 and it needs to make it to the top 10. There is no contest in February. So go vote now! Blues fans, we can make this happen! Imagine if your vote saves just one life!
Next, view the video attached to this article and listen to Tony Rogers explain why you should join the Blues Foundation now. If you can't view the video, just know that Robin Rogers is nominated for an award this year, and Robin passed away in December. She was such a special person in our extended community and she deserves to be remembered. Your $25 membership in the Blues Foundation helps support many great blues causes and gives you lots of perks, but the main thing it does in this regard is to allow you to vote for the Blues Awards. Even if you don't vote for Robin, this is a great thing to do. Do it at the Blues Foundation site here!
The final thing I want to ask you to do is to join the Atlanta Blues Society. The society works hard to support the blues in Atlanta. We meet monthly and we always have a really good time and great music. You can learn more about ABS and join at the site.
There you have it: you assignments for January! Seriously, I hope you will consider supporting these great causes. Keep on Bluesin'!

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