The Beat Root Blues Band
Blues from Goa, India!
The Beat Root Boys belt out the Blues! Goa Chitra member's demanded and got back the Beat Root Blues Band for an encore concert on the 15th of January. In a new avataar this time, the band featured a completely local lineup made up of some of the hottest musicians on Goa's live music circuit. The concert began with UK 'Goan' Dave Kelly doing a soulful solo spot, singing while accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar. This triggered off the over enthusiastic full house, eagerly anticipating another electrifying performance from a phenomenal band that they either heard or heard of. And they were not dissapointed. The pivot around which the band revolves singer/harp player Pratish Motwane, then took the stage to announce the new lineup featuring Shane Ballentine on guitar, Sameer Alvares on keyboards and Lester Godinho on drums in addition to past members Colin D'Cruz on bass and Dave Kelly on guitar. The opening jam itself brought the house down through the course of some lenthy and exciting solos of each member of the band. This, as Pratish announced was just the beginning of things to come. Things that would keep the audience riveted to thier seats making them forget about an equally exciting buffet and bar that was part of the proceedings for an entertaining night out at Goa Chitra. Pratish went on to thank Victor and Aldina for creating such an inspiring environment for artistic creativity. He then pointed out that the current lineup was tailor made especially for Goa Chitra and then decided to rename the band the 'Goa Chitra Blues Band' for the rest of the evening. From then on track after smoking track that was belted out, proved exactly why the Beat Root Boys rule the blues in any avataar. Of special mention would be youngsters Shane and Sameer who matched the virtuosity of thier accomplished co-members to create the magic all over again at Goa Chitra. The evening ended with Victor giving in to the audiences demand for yet another encore performance and promising a third concert in the month of March.

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