Review: Fedora Blues CD

Review: Fedora Blues CD
July 12, 2011
Rhetta Akamatsu

Atlanta blues band, Fedora Blues, has just released a self-titled CD. You may have seen my review of the CD release party last weekend. I told you then that this was an uptempo, traditional 50's style blues band, and this CD will definitely keep you moving. This is not sit still and listen music, it's head-bobbing, feet- moving tunes all the way.

Although all of the songs on Fedora Blues are original numbers, they definitely capture the vintage vibe of Howlin' Wolf or Muddy Waters on songs such as "12 Pound Hammer" or "You Crazy." Gray Sartin has an excellent blues voice and a very authentic sound. But it is the instrumental work that really sets this CD apart, especially the great harmonica work by Steve Carusos and Nick Edelstein's piano playing. With the solid foundation laid down by bass, guitar and drums, they really soar and create the perfect blend of vocal and instruments on every song.

There are no weak songs among the 12 on the CD. The band is trying to pick a few favorites to play at a competition this fall, and they have asked that listeners let them know which songs they like best. I suppose my favorites are "Burning Time," "You Crazy," "12 Pound Hammer, " and "Little Baby," but I have a feeling that might change the next time I listen, and some other set of songs will be my favorite.

The only quibble I have with the CD is the lack of credits. For the record, the musicians are:

Gray Sartin Lead Vocals, guitar

Mark Hogan, bass, backing vocals

Steve Carusos, Harmonica

Nick Edelstein, piano, backing vocals

Fred Meltzer, drums, backing vocals.

At present, the CD is only available at the band's shows or possibly by contacting Gray Sartin on Facebook. My suggestion is to catch a show and get the CD! You can see them at One Star in Buckhead on the 15th and Two Urban Licks later this month.

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