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Creative Loafing declares Mudcat The best of Atlanta 2007!
Critics' Pick
Timeless: Best Local Blues Act: Danny 'Mudcat' Dudeck

The blues is a universal feeling that transcends languages, social status and the constraints of musical genre. DANNY "MUDCAT" DUDECK knows that feeling intimately. He travels the globe spreading his version of the blues gospel and regularly works with a number of international blues-preservation organizations. Lucky for us, he gets back to town most weeks to play the tiny Northside Tavern. Whether performing solo, leading a smokin' band or a tight, one-off jam session with a founding father or a group of novices, his soulful and emotive delivery evokes images of the hard times that fed the early blues pioneers. And Mudcat's Bayou-baked, chicken-party revues can make even the most jaded music fan happy to be blue.

PRESENTS MUDCAT One of Atlanta's most unique and enjoyable live acts, Danny "Mudcat"
Dudeck takes the SoundStage to the deep south as he and his band perform one of his
favorite songs, Piedmont Blues. Mudcat's authentically-soulful and emotionally-charged vocals
have an old time, down home blues and folk feel that is sure to get your feet stopping and
your body moving. · video ·

Creative Loafing Atlanta:
"99 Things To Do To Call Yourself A True Atlantan"
#6 Go see Mudcat at the Northside Tavern. He knows more about folk blues than
Martin Scorsese, will happily sing "Up Against the Wall" for you, and can probably drink
you under the table to boot.

Excerpt from The Eleventh Hour Cover Story
...It was at the Howlin' Wolf, a gem of a bar in New Orleans' Warehouse District. A few
intimate blues acts had already been on. The crowd was lazily mulling about, having not yet
had enough libations to put them in the proper frame of mind. Then this lanky, husky-voiced
white boy who looked like a Cajun from the swamps of Atchafalya or Opeloussas steps on the
stage with an old beat up brown Gibson with a cheap bridge pick up and a wireless amp cable
and starts to dig in. By the third song, everybody was dancing and carryin' on. And by the
fourth, Mudcat had jumped into the crowd where he preceded to woo the women with an assault
on his guitar that possessed the eerie, bluesy depths of a Robert Johnson song and the raw,
sexual power of a Hendrix performance...

From The Music Maker Newsletter
...He is a tremendous slide guitarist, and most of all a god-gifted entertainer. I have witnessed
him light up packed houses at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, at the Irving Plaza
in New York, to open air concerts in front of 10,000 folks in Lugano, Switzerland, to sitting on a
curb in San Jose, Costa Rica entertaining dozens of young kids. Mud is born to make people smile
and enjoy life...

from Jeff Clark in Stomp and Stammer :
"...MUDCAT have always been one of Atlanta's most reliable and enjoyable live acts, with an
appeal extending from blues enthusiasts to the jam crowd to regular drunks like you and me.
Until the release of Kickin' Chicken, however, I've never felt they snagged that Bayou-bred
chitlin-party vibe on a studio recording. But this one - the groups fourth - is a winner that
spotlights the talents of all involved, but especially stringman Daniel Dudeck, a remarkably
skilled guitarist and performer. It all makes me feel guilty for usually only bothering to see them
once or twice a year."

from Creative Loafing:
"Dudeck has been spreading the gospel of real folk blues since the late 80's. These party blues
tunes are not for listening to as you cry in your beer. Mudcat music is about Georgia mash, fine
women and Swiss tuba players......" Read the entire article: Creative Loafing.

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