Modern Blues: Paul Poulton Project – New Album

Modern Blues: Paul Poulton Project – New Album
August 2010
Mixture (of sorts)

It was during last summer’s tour of the US that audiences began reporting that the Paul Poulton Project create a remakably chunky sound for a trio of instruments. The new album ‘Too Twitchy’ (release date September 13,) captures the fat modern-blues chugging machine the band have become.

The guitar licks, while not too obvious manage to reach out and grab the casual listener by the ears. “He makes the thing talk”, “effortless groove provided by the trio throughout” and “crack rhythm section playing some good songs with catchy hooks” are three comments from reviews. In addition to guitar, bass and drums, some blues-ridden piano parts add the icing to the thick layers of rhythmic cake.

Paul’s lyrics reach down to the depths of the human psyche relating our reactions to the minutae of daily life. The pre-release songs manage to cope well with repeated listening as plays on MySpace etc… bear out.

Stephen says: 2010-08-21 15:31:48
Read an interview with Paul about guitar playing at it was interesting.

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