Live From the Netherlands:Mocambo Blues

Live From the Netherlands:Mocambo Blues
January 31, 2008
Bobtje Blues

Who has never heard of Stevie Ray Vaughan? What a silly question. SRV is considered to be one of the most talented blues guitarists of his generation. When David Bowie noticed him during the Montreux Jazz Festival back in 1982 and asked him to play on his album "Let's Dance", it was the beginning of a career of which most blues men can only dream. A career with lots of highlights like splendid albums and awards. But there were also drug and booze problems. On 27 augusts 1990 he lost his life in a tragic chopper accident. Stevieā€¦ the myth was born! Hence it is obvious that everywhere in the world blues musicians feel the need to step in his tracks and to honour Stevie and his music. Take for example the Dutch band Mocambo Blues. In contrast to many bands which are not really up to the job, Mocambo have the edge to be credible. Music-wise these boys are the best! Many of the songs stick to the original, but now and then they put down their own mark, which is delightful. The versatile guitarist Ed Hofstede is a true fan of Stevie and his playing suggests just that. The rhythm section with drummer Richard Keizer and bass player Ko Kantorowitz provide excellent work. Guest musician Bennie Veldman (of the Veldman Brothers) does a great job playing Hammond organ. What a talent! The vocals on the other hand are a bit too clean to my taste. This genre of the blues needs some sturdy singing, does it not? But then again, it is difficult to do justice to the vocals of SRV. On the whole, you will find a lot to enjoy on this dvd "Live From The Netherlands" which lasts well over two hours. There are no less than 21 live songs and then there is the bonus material (interview and bloopers). On the Mocambo Blues website it is said: "The sound of Texas Blues". Ain't that nothing but the truth...

Translation by: Bernard Neyens
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