Hugh Laurie Defends Foray Into Blues Music

Hugh Laurie Defends Foray Into Blues Music
April 26, 2011

Actor Hugh Laurie has defended his decision to sing the blues despite leading a charmed life, insisting he shouldn't have to be poor to be a musician.

The House star is set to release blues album Let Them Talk next month (May11) and critics have been quick to question whether a wealthy Englishman can tackle the genre, which originated in impoverished African-American communities in the Deep South.

But Laurie is adamant artists shouldn't have to "starve" to record music they love.

When asked about the criticism, he tells the U.K.'s The Andrew Marr Show, "I would probably think the same myself if I were looking in from the outside. But at the same time, I just think, really? Is that the way we just operate on this grid system? That we're only allowed to do this if we're that? How poor do I have to be in order to be a musician?

"This demand that artists starve in garrets, artists in any form... I suppose there's a reason behind that, there's a suspicion that your intent is not serious - I understand that. But this is as serious as I get. There's nothing I've done that is more serious than this."

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