Gregg Allman plays some amazing blues

Gregg Allman plays some amazing blues
March 8, 2011
Adam Davis
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Gregg Allman

Low Country Blues

Its not uncommon for musical legend Gregg Allman to put a decade or so between new albums, but if you're a fan you know in general it's worth the wait.

His latest release, Low Country Blues, is a collection of country covers and one original song which were produced by T-Bone Burnett who seems to have had his hand in a lot of great albums over the years. The style of the music is best described by the three words in the tile, but its heavier on the low blues than the country if you want to be specific.

The album's highlight is definitely Allman's original Just Another Rider; a great song that wouldn't be out of place on an Allman Brothers album.

The songs are tight and concise as opposed to the loose jams Allman Brother fans might expect but that's not to say they won't enjoy these tracks.

Low Country Blues is an amazing blues album that shows how great things can happen when the right producer and musician are paired together.

Highlights include: Devil Got My Woman, Just Another Rider, and Checking On My Baby.

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