Cyndi Lauper Hopes To Help Japan Through Her Music

Cyndi Lauper Hopes To Help Japan Through Her Music
March 22, 2011
Perez Hilton

Pop star Cyndi Lauper is helping Japan's disaster relief that only way she knows how: Singing!

With concerts scheduled for tonight and tomorrow in Osaka while touring Japan to promote her new Memphis Blues album, she plans on doing radio and TV charity events before each show.

On top of donating ALL her Memphis Blues royalties earned in Japan to the Japanese Red Cross, she will be collecting money from fans to donate, and has even recorded a ringtone to sell in Japan with 100% of the proceeds going to help victims of the disaster.

Perhaps the singer feels so close to this disaster because she was THERE during the earthquake! Despite being urged to leave, they didn't feel they were in imminent danger so they elected to stay and offer support through music.

This past Friday, she tweeted:

"The shows have been enlightening. The strength and dignity of the people here have been inspiring. I hope we helped them feel better xx"

We're sure you did! Thank you, Cyndi!
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