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Blues Lyrics Online

Yes folks, here you will find the answer to all of the following questions which I just know have been nagging you and keeping you awake for nights on end with those I-wish-I-knew-blues...

* Has anybody ever written a blues song about spaceflight?

* Is there a blues song that mentions the Kinsey Report? Or Godzilla? Or President Eisenhower? President Johnson? Napoleon Bonaparte? President de Gaulle of France? Margaret Thatcher?

* Has there ever been a blues recorded to the accompaniment of a sewing machine?

* Is there a blues about bad breath?

* And how's about a blues on the Internet?

* And how do I know if my mojo is working?

* More importantly, how lowdown can you get??

* And most importantly, what is the blues, anyway???

You can find out the answers to all these burning questions and more, by clicking here.

When you're thinking of black sheep
Just take a look at me
I'm the blackest of black sheep
That ever left old Tennessee
-Monette Moore, "Black Sheep Blues"

I have not limited myself to the well-known 'hits' in the repertoire, like St. Louis Blues, Dust My Broom, Stormy Monday, Little Red Rooster, etc. You'll find here some pretty obscure songs by some pretty obscure artists; I have tried to avoid the all-too-common "woke up this morning and my baby was gone"-type of lyrics (some exceptions may have crept in), unless they had something original to say.
But the choice is mine alone and I apologize if you don't find what you would like to find (my collection is limited, too :)

So enjoy this, my tribute to the blues and, I hope, a reflection not only on the blues itself but on the world in which this music was created.
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