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Blue Mountain Artists

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Welcome to the new Blue Mountain Artists website. Although we only opened our doors on January 1, 2004 we feel extremely lucky to have had many of the musicians that we admire and respect join us for our new adventure. Many of the bands are friends that I have known as long as 25 years and some are new friends that we have established bonds with in the past few years. Either way we are fortunate to have their faith and we intend to work our hardest to forge relationships with the musicians, the buyers and the fans that will last a lifetime and benefit all involved.

First of all...the name...Blue Mountain Artists was named for the first record store I ever bought music from, Blue Mountain Records, and the owner - Paul Ipock - who took the time to understand my tastes and and turned me on to much of what I still listen to today. Paul passed away several years ago but he is not forgotten.

The purpose of Blue Mountain is to establish an agency involved with touring artists that represent the best of American music, without regards to labels or titles and with an understanding of the difficulties of the road and the plight of the promoters. Our goal simply is to work hard, be honest, be fair and be creative for the benefit of all concerned.

The music on the roster represents the music that both myself and our lead agent Page Stallings love and respect. From the Blues that has been the roots of my music background beginning with my years working at The Elbow Room in Harrisonburg, VA during the Late 70's, to jambands that trace back to the long and wonderful journeys I have spent on the road with bands like the Grateful Dead and Dave Matthews Band, to bluegrass where I spent a great deal of my youth at festivals with my brother who does bluegrass festival sound (and who I had to endure living with as he learned to play the banjo), and of course jazz that grew to be an important part of my landscape while living in Charlottesville, VA in the late 80's. All of these influences have come together to create my musical pallet and now I want to be able to spread these gifts to the listening world through Blue Mountain Artists.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has made this possible and as we grow we hope that we remain the agency that both musicians and buyers respect to be diligent, honest and fair to everyone involved.

Hugh D. Southard - Owner/Agent
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