Album Stream: Keb Mo - The Reflection

Album Stream: Keb Mo - The Reflection
July 26, 2011
By Alexandra Fletcher

The Reflection is an appropriate title for a record that shines back on a full career. American blues singer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Moore, more commonly known as Keb Mo, has enjoyed performing for the better part of his life. But his music career didn’t peak until his forties, a time when most other artists would believe their ‘big break’ had evaded them. The evolution has kept him centered and aware of the changing tide of the music industry, guiding him to maintain integrity within his work.

He’s been actively involved in many projects, including his work on TNT’s Memphis Beat and his involvement in various charitable organizations, but The Reflection will be the first full length record we’ve heard from Keb in five years.

Unintentionally themed, and approached with sincerity, The Reflection touches on a lot of inner conflict that erupts during romantic struggles. It encompasses a lifetime of influences, merging blues, jazz, soul and roots music. Partnering vocals with country star Vince Gill and Idia Arie, this album is the combination of groovy hooks and honest thought. Listen to The Reflection all this week via the streaming player below.
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